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Posted by Kett Marketing on Wed, Nov 29, 2023

2012-08-14_14-00-01_343You need a new measurement instrument, but it’s not quite the right time for your team. Or perhaps you need more information to justify a purchase. What comes next? How can you elevate your work or embark on a new project without the proper instrumentation?

At Kett, we know that having the right technology available is critical to your success as a specialized professional. That’s why we’re introducing our new Measurement Instrument Rent-to-Own program. 

Researchers, colleges and universities, chemical and agricultural companies, development labels, and many other industries, often with tight budgets, rely on laboratory equipment to advance their work. Here at Kett, we’re engineers and researchers ourselves—which is exactly why we want to support developing and continued work with a clear path to the measurement instruments you need to make it happen.

Why Rent-to-Own with Kett?

With Kett’s rent-to-own program, you’re investing in the future of your work. It allows you to get the measurement instruments you need within your existing budget while also freeing you from the limitations of a typical purchase.

This is an especially great opportunity when you consider the lifespan of Kett measurement instruments, which are built to last in the laboratory, out in the field, or wherever you need them to be. Some of the instruments sold in the early days of our 70+ years are still fully operational. Take, for example, this moisture sensor, which an existing client discovered deep in inventory after acquiring another unit. Even though the sensor was over 25 years old, and sat idle for many years, the instrument was fully operational and in proper working order, just as it was when it was sold.

When you need a new measurement instrument, but like the appeal of a reasonable monthly payment rather than a one-time payment or need time to evaluate and justify a purchase before securing full funding, rent-to-own may be the right option for you. We’re proud to provide flexible payment options and innovative instrument solutions to help advance your work. Or, if you will have the capital funds in 2024 but want the benefits (financial and product) now, this is a great time to expense the rental in 2023 and convert to purchase in 2024.

Plus, with our rent-to-own agreement, you can ensure you’re getting exactly the right instruments for your applications. We offer a 90-day rental test period where you can evaluate the instrument on-site and in the real world before having to make the financial commitment to a full purchase; you can discover if the instruments you’ve chosen are right for your needs. With this option, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right investment decision for your operations; you won’t spend money on an instrument purchase only to discover later that it’s not a proper fit, which, in the long run, may free up funds to purchase other instruments or additional materials.

How It Works

As mentioned above, Kett’s rent-to-own program allows you to try out an instrument for 90 days before committing to purchasing it. You get that time to assess whether or not it’s right for your work. During that time, you pay rent on the instrument—but you also receive full training, just as if you had purchased the instrument. 

With the measurement instrument on-site, you have the time and availability to evaluate the system on multiple products and see if it will suit your needs. Where capital is not budgeted, you can use research and development funds to assess the instrument and monitor the product and the process. In other words, you can use the rental period to obtain the information required to justify the purchase. 

Through our program, you get to buy the measurement instrument you’ve been renting, which means there’s no change-over period or additional calibration required. Once your instrument is set up, you can continue business as usual if and when you determine to purchase it. 

The best part is that 100 percent of your rental funds are applied against the final purchase price when you decide to purchase the instrument within the 90 days. 

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