Measurement Instrument Rent-to-Own

Learn about the benefits of Kett's Rent to Own Option:

  • Try the instrument for 90 days before making a commitment.
  • Receive full training, just as if you had purchased the instrument.
  • Evaluate the system on multiple products.
  • Where capital is not budgeted, R&D funds may be used to assess the instrument and monitor the product and process.
  • Use the rental period to obtain the information required to justify the purchase.
  • Buy the measurement instrument you've been renting, so there's no change over, or additional calibration required.
  • 100% of the rental funds are applied against the purchase price when you decide to purchase the instrument within the 90-day period.
If you would like to learn more about the Rent-to-Own option fill out the inquiry form on this page or call a Kett representative now on:  800-438-5388 we are happy to help.