When Is It Time to Buy a New Moisture Meter

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Jul 10, 2018

nir_moisture_meter_230If you’ve purchased a Kett moisture meter, you know they are built to last - in fact, there are some of our meters out in the field today that are fully operational and running smoothly after several decades of use, a fact of which we are incredibly proud.

But after years of heavy usage or if your needs have changed over time, you may start to wonder if you are in need of a new moisture meter or perhaps you begin to doubt the accuracy of an old meter. But how can you tell when you need a new meter? When should you make the investment in your company?

Multiple Uses

If you are using your moisture meter for many different purposes and, as a result, you are constantly re-calibrating your meter or adjusting the meter you have to meet your needs, maybe it’s time to think about investing in a near-infrared (NIR) moisture meter. These meters calibrate quickly, are fast and easy to use, and are non-destructive to your sample.

NIR meters can be used on almost any liquid or solid (and even gas streams) with instantaneous results; some are even battery-operated and highly portable. If you are wasting time re-calibrating your meter constantly or if you need a non-destructive meter, it might be time to consider a new moisture meter. Having a moisture meter that’s so versatile and still so accurate, a meter that meets all of your needs, is a great reason to invest in a new one.

A Meter Made for Specific Purposes

In order to get a correct reading, it’s vital to use the correct meter that’s properly calibrated. Are you trying to use an agricultural meter or a paper moisture meter to get accurate readings of the moisture content in hardwood or concrete?

Using the wrong tool can give you inaccurate readings and less-than-perfect end results. If you’ve been trying to make the wrong meter work in the right way, you may want to think about purchasing a meter made specifically for your needs, or even a universal moisture meter. You’ll be astonished at the accuracy!

Similarly, you may want to buy a new moisture meter that is made specifically for one intended purpose. For example, if you oversee a paper mill or publishing plant and only need to measure the moisture in paper, perhaps a paper moisture meter is right for you. If you only need to measure the water content in flour, we carry a moisture meter that works solely for flour, and works like a dream.

Does your job entail woodworking, installation of hardwood floors, or carpentry? You should consider a moisture meter that reads only the content of moisture in wood. Having a meter that is geared precisely to your needs means better readings and higher-quality outcomes for you, so it might be time to look into a specific-use moisture meter.

Kett’s Long Lasting Meters

A strong reason to invest in any sort of Kett moisture meter? They last for year and years! Kett has been in the business of manufacturing moisture meters for more than 70 years. And in that time, we’ve sold quite a few moisture meters and other tools to help our customers keep their businesses running. From the beginning, we have prided ourselves on the longevity of our products. In fact, we just recently learned about a company using one of our moisture meters that is over 25 years old!

A client contacted us to tell us that they recently acquired another company, and in doing so discovered one of our moisture meters. The client contacted us to see if the apparatus could be useful to him and then sent it to us to investigate. Upon receiving it, we were delighted to see that it was still fully operational! This moisture meter had been used regularly for at least 20 of the 25 years, and still worked beautifully.

Investing in a Kett meter means that you are investing in a high-quality tool, and you probably won’t need to buy again for quite some time - if ever! Our clients will agree: purchasing one of our meters is a one-time investment, because they continue to work for decades. If you’re looking for equipment that never ceases to work, and work well, then it’s time to purchase a Kett meter.

Our clients will tell you if you’ve got a Kett moisture meter, it’s going to keep working for a long time. Invest in a product you can trust AND a product that perfectly suits your needs with a Kett moisture meter. Check out our full list of moisture meter offerings here, or find out which one is right for you. Have questions about how which meter will work for you, decade after decade? Contact us today!

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