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A How-to Guide for Cleaning Your Moisture Meter

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Oct 9, 2018

As with all major equipment and job-specific tools, there is a proper way to ensure that your moisture meter is properly cleaned and cared for, after each and every use. If you carefully maintain your test equipment, it will thank you with years and years of accurate readings and easy use. Here are a few pointers on how to care for your meter, and keep it clean and functioning for as long and you need your moisture meter.

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Can a Moisture Meter Save You Money on the Construction Site?

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Oct 2, 2018

Whether it’s the restoration of an old house or brand new construction, moisture poses a threat at every step. Not only is excess moisture in your building materials a headache, but it can actually be quite costly for you, particularly if materials need to be replaced or repairs need to be made.

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Tips for Long-Term Grain Storage

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Sep 25, 2018

If you’re planning to store grain long-term, there are many things to take into consideration that aren’t necessarily an issue when grain is only being stored for a few months - like changing temperatures and humidity levels, for example. The biggest challenge with any long-term storage is moisture. How can you keep your grain from spoiling as a result of too much moisture? And how can too small of an amount of moisture impact your harvest?

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Measuring and Eliminating Moisture Content in Fresh Lumber

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Sep 18, 2018

A truck that is hauling freshly felled logs, waiting to be dried and cut into lumber, is hauling almost as much water as it is wood and sometimes it's carrying even more water than wood!

Before it has been dried, approximately half the weight of lumber is made up entirely of its moisture content. Since wood expands and contracts with the amount of moisture it contains, it is vital to select and use wood that has been properly dried.

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Keeping Stored Grain Cool and Dry in the Heat of the Summer

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Sep 11, 2018

You may have found it to be a true challenge to store grain through the summer if you don’t know all the tricks of the agricultural trade. Storing a large amount of grain is a big investment, and if the slightest thing goes wrong, it can mean a big financial loss for you.

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How Summer Humidity Can Affect Readings in Your Moisture Meter

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Aug 28, 2018

Temperatures are rising, and as they do, humidity levels rise right alongside them. Humidity can wreak havoc with a lot of things: wood flooring, certain electronics, and even hairstyles. But did you know that humidity can affect your moisture meter as well?

Rest easy: you don’t have to put your moisture meter away for the entire summer. You can still use it year-round and not worry once about inaccurate readings. However, there are steps you should take to be sure that you will have a functioning, high-quality moisture meter for years to come.

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The How-To Guide for Measuring Moisture in Drywall

Posted by Kett Marketing on Wed, Aug 22, 2018

Whether you are installing brand-new drywall or checking the existing drywall in a structure that has been compromised by moisture, you want to be sure you are accurate and thorough in how you take readings.

When drywall gets wet, or has absorbed too much moisture, it loses its structural integrity and becomes soft and weak - not adjectives that anyone wants associated with their walls. Another risk with too much moisture is mold. Moldy walls or moldy drywall is not only unsightly, but dangerous.

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Troubleshooting Guide: The Most Common Reasons You are Getting an Inaccurate Reading from Your Moisture Meter

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Aug 14, 2018

The main goal of using a moisture meter is to gather information with precision and accuracy. If things start to go awry, it can cause major issues when you depend on obtaining reliable, instantaneous results.

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How a Riceter Changed Farming Forever

Posted by Kett Marketing on Fri, Aug 10, 2018

As far away as Japan and Bangladesh, our Riceter has had a major impact on the agricultural world since its creation in 1961. It has taken farming from an art to a science, providing usable data that removes many of the once immeasurable challenges of farming.

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Woodworking and the Importance of Moisture Content

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Jul 31, 2018

If you are serious about woodworking, you know the importance of properly-dried wood. In order to be usable for a construction project, wood must be kiln or air-dried to a moisture level of 19%. But wood that is intended for indoor use— that is, wood intended to be used for woodworking— must have a moisture content level that is less than half that amount, at only 9%.

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