Micro Scale, Major Power: The Incredible Accuracy of the Micro Moisture Analyzer

Posted by Kett Marketing on Fri, Oct 1, 2021

fm300a_smallPrecision matters. The slightest variance or error in a moisture reading can be costly and dangerous. 

This is why Kett’s FM300 Micro-Moisture Analyzer is useful. With innovative technology and careful engineering, this instrument can deliver accurate readings and detect moisture levels as low as 2 parts per million. 

Read on to see how the FM300 Micro-Moisture Analyzer compares to other moisture measurement methods. 

How It Works

Kett’s FM300 Micro-Moisture Analyzer is a smart solution when ultimate accuracy is key. To obtain an accurate reading, samples are placed in a drying tube and heat is applied. Then, moisture and other volatiles in the sample are driven into the sealed atmosphere, passing through an activated carbon filter. From here, only the moisture molecules are absorbed into a molecular sieve chamber. 

In this chamber, the weight of the absorbed moisture is measured by a precise, analytical balance. This is a “gain on drying” strategy that converts the weight of the moisture absorbed into a total moisture content. What’s more, with this instrument, users can also apply inert Nitrogen gas throughout the drying chamber to further increase the accuracy and speed of the reading. This applies even with samples that have incredibly low moisture content levels. With this kind of precision, users can test samples and gain accurate insights, testing moisture levels as low as 2 parts per million (ppm) in a fraction of the time of other moisture measurement instruments.

Comparing Moisture Measurement Methods

The micro-moisture analyzer measurement method differs from other moisture content determination methods like loss on drying, which does not offer nearly the same level of precision. The loss on drying method is based on the thermogravimetric principle where samples are weighed, then heated until no more weight is lost. After heating, samples are assumed to be completely dry, then weighed again to determine the difference and the represented moisture content of the sample.

The difference here? Kett’s FM300 Micro-Moisture Analyzer is equipped to only measure moisture content, nothing else.  With the loss on drying method, moisture refers to all matter in a sample that can be vaporized, which includes water but also:

  • Fats
  • Volatile solvents
  • Alcohols

The micro-moisture analyzer also differs from Karl Fischer Titrators, which require the use of chemical reagents to get a reading. Instead, only moisture is measured. The FM300 eliminated the cost of reagents and time needed for preparation like with Karl Fischer Titrators. It also cuts out the high costs associated with the disposal of chemical waste. 

While the loss on drying method or other moisture measurement methods may be accurate and useful in many applications, sometimes they may not be accurate enough solutions for every application.

Uses and Applications

As evidenced by the incredibly low threshold by which the FM300 can detect the slightest trace of moisture, this instrument is useful when precision is critical. This includes:

  • Plastics and Polymers
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Hazardous Waste 
  • Petrochemicals 
  • Any product with multiple volatiles

Take for example polymers, which rely on thorough drying and low moisture levels for peak cosmetics and performance. Even moisture levels of 0.07 percent can cause cosmetic issues like streaking and splay, and some polymers will not perform well at moisture levels higher than 0.02 percent. Others achieve optimum performance when dried to levels as low as 0.005 percent. In the development and testing of these polymers, a precise moisture analysis instrument like the FM300 is key. 

Another example of a need for extreme accuracy is in the pharmaceutical industry. Moisture is unavoidable. It’s in the air we breathe and the products we use, but at the wrong levels (and even in trace amounts) moisture can also impact the efficacy, useability, texture, and properties of many pharmaceutical products. When it comes to some test strips, moisture may even provide misleading or false results, and the flowability of certain powders helps with blending, transfer, and storage.

For faster, more accurate results down to just a few parts per million, the FM300 Micro-Moisture Analyzer is an exceptional instrument. To learn more about this and other high-performing instruments, contact our team of expert engineers today.

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