Micro Moisture Analyzers and Precision Measurements

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, May 19, 2020

Here at Kett, we understand how important precision can be, that the slightest variable or error in a reading can be majorly costly—and sometimes even dangerous—for you and your team. 


It’s why we are constantly in search of tools that can provide you with the most accurate readings possible, even when that means minuscule samples and trace amounts of moisture.

In our quest for the best and the most accurate, we had to add a new tool to our arsenal of available instruments: the FM300A Micro Moisture Analyzer.

So what’s so great about the Micro Moisture Analyzer that we just had to make it available to you? Let’s take a look:

Unbelievable Precision

If precision is a vital part of your work, the FM300A is the most accurate way to get a correct reading using direct moisture measurement. 

With these new capabilities, the Micro Moisture Analyzer is able to detect moisture samples as low as two parts per million (ppm) and as low as one microgram (or one-millionth of a gram) in any given test sample. You just can’t beat those numbers!

With this Micro Moisture Analyzer, samples are placed in a heating tube, and moisture and other volatiles are pumped through an activated carbon filter, which strips out the non-aqueous (non-water) volatiles.  The gas stream (water and carrier gas) continues to another cell where the moisture is then absorbed by a molecular sieve material. By measuring the added weight of the moisture (referred to as “gain on drying”) in this chamber, the Micro Moisture Analyzer can detect the most minute levels of moisture, down to one-millionth of a gram. 

When measuring samples where you are detecting the smallest trace of moisture or other volatiles, inert N2 gas also may be pumped in to speed drying time and improve accuracy in these extremely low content samples. 

The bottom line? Everything about the FM300 was designed to provide you with the most accurate results, even at incredibly low content levels.

Ease of Use

Previously, many have relied on the Karl Fischer method of moisture measurement. The problem with this method? It can be very time-intensive, and also relies greatly on the thermal stability of your end product, which can be an issue when manufacturing things like plastics and polymers, or measuring the moisture content of hazardous waste. This can take a very long amount of time, costing you money in manpower hours, and the high price of chemical reagents.

The FM300 eliminates these chemical reagents and preparation, saving you a great deal of time. And if using Karl Fischer Titrators meant that you had to pay to dispose of chemical waste after testing moisture levels, the Micro Moisture Analyzer can save you money there, too.


So where might this superpowered, highly accurate moisture meter come in handy? There are many industries where we see the precision of the FM300A can make a major difference in product quality, safety and your bottom line:

  • Petrochemicals: In the world of petrochemicals, moisture not only is a process variable, but it’s actually seen as a contaminant. Moisture can dramatically reduce product quality and even do damage to industrial equipment. Moisture levels must be closely monitored to prevent excess water and unnecessary damage.
  • Pharmaceuticals: The field of pharmaceuticals relies heavily on precision, including the flowability of powder. This refers to the ability of powders used in the making of tablets and capsules to achieve proper flow at important steps like blending, transfer and storage. 
It has been found that moisture levels and even humidity in the air can seriously impact the flowability of pharmaceutical powders, which can make major differences in a patient’s active dose of a particular drug. Knowing the moisture content is one way to monitor flowability and prevent these errors from occurring.
  • Hazardous Waste: Some hazardous waste products are highly volatile and  highly reactive when they come in contact with water, releasing toxic fumes into the air and sometimes even possessing the potential to explode or combust. Being able to monitor moisture content can prevent fumes and flames.
  • Plastics and Polymers: Even the slightest trace of moisture can impact the proper creation of plastics and polymers. Accurate measurements of moisture levels in these materials are vital to the manufacturing process. When plastics are molded or polymers created with too much moisture, structural and visual issues can arise, affecting the look and durability of the product. 

Other places you might find the Micro Moisture Analyzer highly useful? Any product with multiple volatiles that needs to be carefully—and precisely—monitored.

We are so thrilled to have such a precise, simple-to-use direct moisture measurement device available for our clients and customers. We manufacture the world’s widest array of models and technologies for moisture analysis, and providing you with the best option to meet the needs of your work is our constant mission.

Contact us today to find the right option for you in moisture analysis. We’re waiting to help.

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