Accessorize It: Extending the Life of Your Moisture Meter

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Dec 4, 2018

Touch Panel Display for the KJT seriesThere’s no doubt about it: investing in a moisture meter can be a big endeavor. Even though it is a worthwhile investment, that is frequently key to a project’s success, it’s still an investment. So how can you protect this investment? And are there other uses or applications for your moisture meter that can expand what you are able to do with it: more “bang for your buck,” so to speak?

From protecting your moisture meter with a carrying case to additional gadgets that can add extra features to an already versatile device, there are many ways that accessories can extend the life of your moisture meter.

The Importance of the Carrying Case

Most of our moisture meters come with their own carrying case. Our flagship meter, the Riceter, which measures the moisture content of rice and other grains, comes with a carrying case that is made from an attractive, high-quality leather and can be attached directly to your belt, but also protects the Riceter from drop damage out in the field. These carrying cases that are sold with the moisture meters can have a huge impact on extending the life of the moisture meter.

Our Riceter was designed to be an accessible product; one that can be used in the field to help farmers know when to harvest their crops in the most remote of locations. For many of these farmers, their Riceter is a crop-saving investment, and as such, the carrying case was an important inclusion to protect that investment.

Many of the cases also protect your meter from the damaging exposure to humidity, which can cause rust to form on the metal pins or plates that are necessary for accurate readings. A case prevents this from happening by protecting your moisture meter from the moisture in the air.

Carrying cases also serve as protection from damage if your moisture meter is dropped or incurs any kind of severe blow. Depending on the meter you choose, heavy-duty cases are also available to help your moisture meter withstand any kind of trauma.

Things happen. Cases get dropped. Rain falls, and things shift around in a vehicle. Like we said before, a moisture meter is an investment, and the best way to protect your investment is with a sturdy case that will maintain the security of your moisture meter, whether you are transporting, or storing it.

Extra Accessories for Additional Powers

Another reason to investigate some additional accessories for your moisture meter? There are many surprising extra uses for your moisture meter that are all available with a few extra accessories. For example, a pointed probe allows you to take moisture readings even through burlap sacks, barrels, and even deep into hay bales. This can be a huge time saver, making it easier to conduct readings no matter the product or the state it is in. Without this device, your moisture meter is limited to surface-level readings.

Our Instant Paper Moisture Meter comes standard with several different probes, for various thicknesses and levels of paper, so no matter the paper, you can trust your measurements to be accurate.

Other “additional powers” your moisture meter can have? Try our printer that hooks directly into our micro moisture analyzers, so you can easily take data with you after your readings are complete, or even download PC-friendly software to take your data directly from your meter to your computer screen.

With the right accessories, you can also do things like mount your near infrared (NIR) moisture meter to your desk or workspace with a specialized clamp, or to a field-sturdy tripod for additional security and safety, whether your work keeps you in the office or takes you out into the field.

Looking to expand on the superpowers for your already-powerful moisture meter? Check out our accessories section, or browse the brochure section for your specific moisture meter, which will have full details on compatible accessories. You’d be amazed at all the things your moisture meter can do, and where it can go. Have other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our engineers today.

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