How Summer Humidity Can Affect Readings in Your Moisture Meter

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Aug 28, 2018

Kett KJT330 durability-418023-editedTemperatures are rising, and as they do, humidity levels rise right alongside them. Humidity can wreak havoc with a lot of things: wood flooring, certain electronics, and even hairstyles. But did you know that humidity can affect your moisture meter as well?

Rest easy: you don’t have to put your moisture meter away for the entire summer. You can still use it year-round and not worry once about inaccurate readings. However, there are steps you should take to be sure that you will have a functioning, high-quality moisture meter for years to come.

The Direct Dangers

While our moisture meters at Kett are of the highest quality, and humidity won’t have much of a direct effect on the immediate accuracy of your moisture meter, the biggest way summer humidity can impact the viability of your moisture meter is through prolonged exposure to humidity. Metal that is exposed to moisture for too long can corrode and rust. Especially in areas where the humidity levels are so high that the air feels as thick as pea soup, this can start to affect your moisture meter over time.

Just as it is important to properly dry off the pin of your moisture meter after every use to prevent any remaining water particles from corroding the metal, it’s also important to protect your moisture meter from water particles in the air, especially when the humidity is high. In fact, higher heat and higher humidity increase the speed of corrosion, which is why there are easy precautions you can take to protect your meter.


Our moisture meters are field-tested, sturdy, and unbelievably long-lasting— this 25-year old moisture meter was found fully operational after years of heavy use followed by years in storage! A Kett moisture meter is a smart investment; it’s built to last. But every device will better stand up to wear and tear if properly cared for, and correctly stored.

There’s really not much to fear about inaccurate readings as a result of humidity when you take a moisture meter out of its case to take a measurement. Your meter is designed to stand the test of time. Again, it’s the prolonged exposure to humidity that can be harmful to the metal pins and plates.

How to Prevent Damage from Humidity

One of the best ways to protect your meter from moisture and humidity, impact, or any other damage? A sturdy case, made specifically for the meter, like this one made for Kett’s near infrared moisture meter. Not only does it protect  your meter from drops and impacts, but it also will protect your meter from extended exposure to humidity.

Another way to ensure you are protecting your moisture meter? Wipe it dry after every use. Even if the meter seems dry, moisture can remain on the metal and begin to corrode. You wouldn’t put clean laundry away wet, and you shouldn’t put a moisture meter away wet either.

With simple care, your meter will give you highly accurate readings for years and years, no matter the weather. Want to chat about the durability of our instruments? We are passionate about our machinery and we would love for you to contact us today with questions, concerns, or even an exciting story about how durable our moisture meters are. We’ll find the story just as exciting, we promise.

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