How a Riceter Changed Farming Forever

Posted by Kett Marketing on Fri, Aug 10, 2018

riceterf_smallAs far away as Japan and Bangladesh, our Riceter has had a major impact on the agricultural world since its creation in 1961. It has taken farming from an art to a science, providing usable data that removes many of the once immeasurable challenges of farming.

Because of the invention of the Riceter, farming will never be the same. It changed expectations and brought the precision of farming right out into the field— not some faraway lab. It has made farming more profitable, more precise, and more streamlined for the farmer, and more accessible and affordable for the consumer as well.

Accessible Field Testing for All

Because our Riceter is so portable— you can even carry it on your belt!— it’s easy to take it with you wherever you go, removing the guesswork from farming. Especially in crops like rice, where the timing of a harvest is so essential to the overall outcome of the crop as a whole, being able to test the crop, right in the field, makes it easy to ensure the best, most successful result for the crop yield.

What else?  Using a Riceter is so easy! It is powered by 4-AA batteries and is virtually fail-proof. It can also be used anywhere, “from the rice paddy to jungle to arid desert,” giving quality, easy-to-take readings no matter the environment. Previously, test equipment was challenging and bulky. Now, having test equipment that is streamlined, quick to use, and highly portable is the expectation. It has ensured that the creation of new test equipment for farmers is user friendly, and field-ready.

Affordable Crops

One of the ways we think the Riceter has had the biggest impact? It saves farmers money and keeps crops affordable for consumers. Since the moisture content in rice and grains from harvest to table is so vital to the success of the crop, having an easy, reliable, accurate way to test the moisture in the crop ensures that at each step, the rice and grain is ready for use.

If rice or grain is harvested while it is still too wet, it will need to be dried, which is costly, and raises the price of crops. And if the rice or grain is too dry? Farmers sell by weight. Too little moisture means the farmer makes less money, and will have to raise prices in order to make any sort of profit. When this happens, it becomes too expensive for those who rely on rice (or other grains) as a main food source.

Rice is a main global food source. For more than half of the world, rice is a main food staple, and 3.5 billion people rely on rice for 20% or more of their daily caloric intake. A raise in price means that for many of these people who rely on rice for nutrition, and some even for survival, cannot afford to buy it. Farmers who use Riceters are able to keep their prices low enough to keep the rice affordable for consumers, while still making a profit for themselves.

Farming as a Science

One of the main ways that the Riceter has made an impact on the farming industry? It turned agriculture into a more precise science. It put harvesting, storing, and drying crops into quantifiable numbers that could be analyzed and improved upon. Today’s Riceter easily grinds the rice sample for analysis for even more accurate results. And now? It can be used on other small grains, taking readings on everything from rice to wheat to oats to barley, and even black pepper and other small grains and seeds.

The Riceter’s success paved the way for further improvements in grain moisture testers, and further advancements in agricultural equipment, like the rice whiteness meter and quality and composition analyzers, which provide immediate, exact feedback and allow farmers to spend more time ensuring a top-quality crop. The Riceter and its predecessors are accessible, portable, and accurate, allowing the exact science they provide to become widespread.

Want to know more about how our Riceter can change farming for you? Contact us today! Our engineers are passionate about our Riceter, and would love to speak to you about how our little machine make a big impact on your business. Let us help you bring science into your fields with our simple, easy-to-use device. You’ll be shocked at how simple and wonderful it can be.

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