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The Hidden Costs of Neglecting Efficiency in 'Commodity' Industries

Posted by Kett Marketing on Wed, Jun 19, 2024

In many industries, businesses operate under the belief that they are merely selling commodities—generic products where price competition is fierce and margins are thin. This mindset often leads to cost-cutting measures, particularly in areas like safety and maintenance, under the assumption that such expenses harm the bottom line. However, this approach overlooks a critical factor: efficiency is not just a cost center, it's a significant driver of profitability, even—or especially—in commodity-driven sectors.

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From Beans to Business: Mastering Coffee Roasting with Kett Test Instrumentation

Posted by Kett Marketing on Thu, Mar 28, 2024

Are you a coffee lover? If yes, why not start a business that aligns with your passion?

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Topics: Moisture Meter, Coffee

Friction Testing Applications in the Wide World Of Cosmetics

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Mar 5, 2024

Unless people who wear or use cosmetics are also actively involved in its development, chances are they don’t give much thought to the physics of makeup and other cosmetic products.

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Topics: Friction Analyzer

The Importance of Online Composition Analysis in Pharmaceuticals—And How Kett Can Help

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Feb 20, 2024

There aren’t many industries that rely on the exact precision and attention to minute detail the way that the pharmaceutical industry does. Each aspect of the production process and every single product has to be created with impeccable accuracy. This, of course, is critical, as too much or too little of a particular substance can have major implications for the efficacy, strength, and safety of a drug. 

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Spectrometers: Testing Grow Lights for Hemp Production

Posted by Kett Marketing on Thu, Feb 15, 2024

What causes hemp plants to flower and reproduce? And what causes these plants to produce cannabinoids?

The answer is light. 

Hemp is an incredibly photosensitive plant. This means it has a more pronounced chemical response to receiving ultraviolet (UV) light photons. When there are changes to the amount of light a hemp plant receives, it starts to flower and reproduce by setting seeds.

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Topics: Spectrometer

Test Cycles with Kett’s NIR Composition Analyzer: When Faster Does Equal Better

Posted by Kett Marketing on Thu, Feb 1, 2024

A composition analyzer can be a crucial instrument in any lab or production line setting, testing the makeup, efficacy, and quality of products, and evaluating all kinds of constituents besides moisture, including:

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Topics: Composition Analyzer

Moisture Content, Moisture Meters and Hemp Biomass

Posted by Kett Marketing on Thu, Dec 14, 2023

From 2018 through 2023, the hemp industry is projected to grow by $3.8 billion, with a key driver for this growth being hemp’s usefulness to the textiles industry—making hemp biomass more sought after than ever before. 

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Topics: Moisture Meter, Cannabis Industry

Which Laboratory Mixing System Is Right For You?

Posted by Kett Marketing on Thu, Dec 7, 2023

Laboratory mixing is an exact science. Whether creating new polymers and plastics, or mixing pulp, paper, or chemicals, results must be accurate, reliable, and perhaps most importantly, repeatable. This means that having the proper instruments on hand is key. 

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Topics: Laboratory Mixers and Mixing Systems

Rent-to-Own Your Next Measurement Instrument with Kett

Posted by Kett Marketing on Wed, Nov 29, 2023

You need a new measurement instrument, but it’s not quite the right time for your team. Or perhaps you need more information to justify a purchase. What comes next? How can you elevate your work or embark on a new project without the proper instrumentation?

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How To Deduct Over a Million In Taxes By Buying Or Leasing Equipment

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Nov 14, 2023

We’ve seen companies spend a decade trying to decide whether to buy new equipment. The decision often gets tangled up in internal discussions, testing, and financial uncertainty.

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