What’s So Exciting about Near Infrared (NIR) Moisture Meters

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Jun 19, 2018

kjt700-advanced-nir-online-composition-analyzer-362057_1b_copyCall us biased, but we think there’s something undeniably thrilling about our near infrared (NIR) moisture meters. Don’t believe us? The game-changing capabilities of our NIR meters will have an impact on your company that will have you feeling just as enthusiastic as our team here at Kett does about them.

Here are just a few of the ways you’ll be just as excited as we are about NIR moisture meters:

Time-Saving Technology

Near infrared technology is capable of drastically reducing the time it takes to read moisture levels. The ability to obtain a custom calibration, specific to your product and laboratory method by only requiring 7-10 samples allows you to quickly get the instrument validated for your product. With faster readings and feedback from your meter, you and your team can optimize your time, spending less time preparing to take moisture level readings and more time actually doing so.

Another time-saving benefit to NIR moisture meters? Your readings are instantaneous, and can be performed anywhere. Gone are the days of having to test levels in a laboratory. NIR technology is portable, and while the fast nature of readings is beneficial, even more beneficial is the capability to test moisture levels in the field, on the line, or practically anywhere. While Kett does offer a range of desktop models of NIR moisture meters, the ability to take a handheld NIR moisture meter anywhere saves time with instant, portable readings.


Needing to ship, but looking to save money? Excess moisture levels not only can wreak havoc on packaging and freshness, but can add extra weight to the overall total of your shipment too, racking up shipping fees for your and your company. Having accurate readings of your freight with a non-destructive, contact-free NIR meter ensures that your shipment does not have too much moisture or weight, and does not cost you extra in shipping fees.

Endless Benefits

Because it is so easy to calibrate, non-destructive and so portable, you may find countless uses for a near infrared moisture meter. A NIR moisture meter can be used for many purposes, not limited to the following:

  • Food and beverages (and their packaging)
  • Grain storage
  • Papermaking and pulp
  • Pharmaceuticals (and pharmaceutical packaing)
  • Textiles and fabrics
  • Cosmetics and other minerals (which can also benefit from friction analysis)
  • Plastics and other composites
  • Paints and coatings
  • Laying hardwood floors, construction, and woodworking

You may even find multiple uses for the same meter- eliminating the need for different kinds of moisture meters! Because of the near-infrared technology, your NIR moisture meter can go practically anywhere. It is not affected by heat or humidity, is rugged and easily transportable, and even understands and adapts to differences in packing and color, providing unparalleled accurate readings time and time again, no matter the product.

NIR Meters and Other Moisture Meters

In comparing near infrared moisture meters to other meters available, it’s easy to see why the versatility, portability, and high-frequency readings make the NIR meters such a popular choice in so many different industries. And with handheld, desktop, online and inline varieties, there is a right NIR moisture meter for every use and application, and a calibration for every product.

Between its nondestructive readings and immediate results, NIR meters cannot be beat, especially when you need to take frequent or varied readings.

Ready to get just as excited about what a near infrared moisture meter can do for you and your company? Check out our extensive list of near-infrared options to find the perfect meter for your needs. Have more questions? Want to talk about the benefits of NIR technology with a team of people who are incredibly passionate about NIR moisture meters? Contact us today!

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