Friction Analysis: The Beauty Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Posted by Kett Marketing on Wed, Apr 11, 2018

raphael-lovaski-510338-unsplashThe constant search for creating, successfully marketing, and selling the next big thing in the beauty industry is nothing new. Consumers desire products that not only look great, but feel great too, providing an extra confidence boost. One of the most effective ways to improve how a beauty product is perceived? Perfecting the sensory perception of a product through friction analysis.

No lover of beauty or personal care products is going to continue to purchase a product that doesn’t feel as good as it looks, is hard to apply, or does not stay in place. This is where friction analysis comes into play: friction analysis is one of the easiest, most scientifically accurate ways to ensure that the product provides the correct sensory perception for consumers.

Before Friction Analysis

In the time leading up to the use of Kett friction testers and wear analyzers, the development of new beauty and personal care products was a much more arbitrary process. Getting each formula right and testing it with consumers was a costly and time-consuming process that had no guarantee of success if consumers did not respond well to the consistency of a product.

Also, just because a small panel of consumer testers responded well to a product did not guarantee widespread approval once it was released to the public, as this development process was highly subjective in its testing phase.


With Friction Analysis

After the introduction of using wear analyzers and friction testers, testing beauty products of all varieties is now a much easier, more scientific and predictable process. The discovery of which particle shapes in beauty and personal care products are more pleasing to apply and wear have resulted in a better overall sensory perception.

The use of friction testers, tribometers, and wear analyzers has taken out much of the guesswork in how products should be made and which version will be most widely perceived as a quality product. This makes consumer testing a much easier process, cutting down the time and costs involved in product testing and development.

How can Kett friction analyzers work for you and your beauty business? Contact us today to see how we can help revolutionize the way your products are made, developed, tested, and marketed. See what the rest of the beauty industry is discovering: Science and beauty and personal products truly can fit together “beautifully.”

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