The Importance of a Composition Analyzer in Petroleum-Based Products

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Jul 23, 2019

composition analyzer for petroleum based productsNearly everything today is made with petroleum. From antifreeze, shampoo, and denture adhesive, to house paint, detergent, and contact lenses, petroleum exists in so many of our daily household products, including various forms of fuels and lubricants. It’s everywhere.

But in each and every one of these products, petroleum has to be refined and changed into a new form, and this process can be a complicated one. There are frequently multiple steps to this process, and along the way, these products must be checked for consistency, contaminants, and other issues that might pop up to make sure that the end result is effective, high-quality, and safe to use.

We’ve often compared our near-infrared (NIR) composition analyzer to a Swiss Army knife because it does so many things. One of those things is testing the composition, purity, and consistency of petroleum-based products to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Testing for Contamination

We use petroleum in our cars - to power them, and to keep them lubricated. One of the ways that a composition analyzer can make a big difference is by testing petroleum for contaminants, which can greatly impact the efficacy of the petroleum. There are a few things that can contaminate or affect the petroleum in your vehicle:

  • Water or coolant contamination
  • Monitoring the viscosity
  • Particle count
  • Fuel and particle contamination

Not only do these make a difference in how effective the petroleum is, but it can also serve as a great diagnostic as well: too much water or coolant contamination can signal a larger problem with the engine or the fuel itself, and particles might indicate additional mechanical issues with rubbing or grinding.

Contaminants can also be dangerous in fuel as well. Contaminants, and even water in the fuel tank can lead to microbial growth and tank corrosion, which can cause major long-term damage to engines as well as blocking filters. Using a composition analyzer to check for particles and contaminants during the refining process can prevent this from happening.

A composition analyzer can help evaluate the purity of the petroleum, and whether there has been contamination. This is also true for petroleum found in other products; it can help located contaminated petroleum in lubricants and other household and industrial products before it reaches consumers.

Blending Consistency (Homogeneity)

Petroleum is found in all sorts of levels of viscosity from liquid form as it lubricates our vehicles, to a much thicker viscosity like solids or near-solids... think of products like lipstick or petroleum jelly. In these various forms, how can we assure that they are blended to a smooth, even consistency, ensuring a high-quality product? By using a composition analyzers

One of the best things about our composition analyzers is the real-time feedback available using the software that pairs with the device. This integrated software means you no longer have to wait for data to be analyzed remotely; it cuts the wait time to nearly zero.

This means that during the manufacturing process, samples can be tested for consistency without halting production using our Online NIR Composition Analyzer. Get a homogeneous, well-blended, consistent product every time with the use of a composition analyzer.

If you work with or handle petroleum-based products, a composition analyzer is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. In order to guarantee a high-quality product, free from contaminants, with a consistent blend, a composition analyzer is a must-have. Remove guesswork and inaccuracy without adding extra time to your production process.

Want to find out with composition analyzer is right for your manufacturing process and your product? Our team of dedicated engineers is passionate about finding the right device for every job. Contact us today!

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