Learn Why Our Latest NIR Composition Analyzer Is Like The Swiss Army Knife

Posted by John Bogart on Thu, Nov 7, 2013

swiss army knifeThere’s some debate about the best single tool to take into the wilderness to survive, but we’re guessing many folks would vote for the Swiss Army Knife. It’s one of the most versatile, useful and simple instruments known to man, which is probably why it had its own starring role in MacGyver. There seems to be an endless litany of surprising, yet effective uses out there for this tiny tool (well worth a Google in your spare time), which is why we believe our latest test instrument, the BRBSS1700 NIR Composition Analyzer, may be the Swiss Army knife of test equipment. 



Today, we’ll address seven of these applications to be used with the following components:

  1. Moisture
  2. Protein
  3. Fat/Oil
  4. Alcohol/Solvent
  5. Starch
  6. Sugar Content/Brix
  7. Fiber Content
  8. BTU
  9. Product Identification
  10. Contaminants
  11. Purity


1. Food Processing

Food safety and quality has become a hot button issue in the news. Consumers are more savvy than ever when it comes to purchasing packaged food and produce and food processors must continually demonstrate the value of their goods in this competitive market. Additionally, governmental regulations are becoming increasingly strict when it comes to labeling guidelines with the FDA bidding to regulate pet and animal feed for the first time this week. Our NIR composition meter’s simple operation allows for the measurement of raw ingredients and a variety of intermediate products.

2. Wood Products

As with all test instruments manufactured at Kett, our composition analyzer is designed for years of durable use. Whether measuring fiber, binders or resins, the analyzer can simultaneously measure up to three organic components. No pre-processing is required, which means you can focus your operations on improving product quality and not on sampling and prep work. 

3. Packagings and Plastics

The unstable nature of coatings, UV cures and adhesives makes them notoriously difficult to measure, particularly while on the manufacturing line. Measurements are made using NIR absorbance, so no contact with the sample is necessary. For film applications, we can use transmittance probes.

4. Pharmaceutical Products

Our composition meter offers unsurpassed measurement flexibility for long-term and versatile use. The needs of your testing today may differ drastically with those tomorrow, so why not invest in a single general purpose instrument that can take care of virtually all metrics? Whether dealing in bulk, dose, tablets, capsules, gel, liquid or gas-based products, Kett can provide simple fixtures to meet your needs, in the lab, near the process line, or even in the process itself.

5. Minerals and Petroleum

While there are many variables to consider when it comes to monitoring minerals and oil-based products, our composition meter can assist with the basics of identifying your product, successful and consistent blending, and resolving questions regarding contaminants. The composition meter comes with our full One-Year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor, meaning you can focus on your product without having to waste time calibrating and verifying your new test instrument. 

6. Textiles

The BSS1700 NIR composition analyzer has been crafted with a busy factory floor in mind. A small footprint means it can fit just about anywhere it needs to be, and an integrated panel pc with touch screen means it can be used in just about any messy environment. So, whether you’re seeking to monitor web, fiber, samples, tow or finish along your textile line, we’ve got you covered. 

7. Chemicals

As mentioned, regardless the state of your product, liquid, solids or gas, the BSS1700 NIR composition analyzer is designed to provide you with laboratory quality results. The analog outputs feature- three outputs can be sent to separate PLC inputs- allows processes to be optimized with only one measurement instrument. This mean, moisture, solvent A and solvent B concentrations can be simultaneously monitored real-time... from anywhere in your plant (or worldwide with our add ons).  Additionally, we’ve included an external trigger to allow discrete measurements to be scheduled remotely and provide automated batch/sample assessment. 


Uses of the Kett BSS1700 NIR composition meter are too myriad to explore in a single blog, but we hoped we’ve inspired the MacGyvers in our audience to try one out for themselves! It may not fit in your pocket, but it’s worth trying to fit in your budget. 



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