Why Our Riceter Still Has a Huge Impact on the World Today

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Jul 3, 2018

riceterf_smallWhen Kett developed the Riceter over 70 years ago, it was created for farmers in the fields and rice paddies of Japan, empowering them with a portable device that could ensure the quality of their crops. It revolutionized the way moisture could be measured in rice and grains, providing a more predictable, stable way to successfully harvest rice and other grain crops.

Why does this matter? Rice is the most important food crop for the developing world, serving as a staple food for half of the world’s population. Rice is chock full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and serves as 42% of the world’s total calorie consumption. 70 years ago, rice was a global food source, and in today’s world with an ever-growing population, rice is arguably the most important crop grown on the planet.

Providing an Affordable Food Source

Rice must be properly dried so that it can be consumed in order to feed so many of the world’s people. If rice is harvested while it is too wet, there are extra costs incurred to allow for drying times and loss of some of the crop. It also makes for a much lower grain quality. Rice that is too wet can also spoil, resulting in a cost hike of the crop in order for the farmer to make any profit, which can mean that for some people, rice becomes too expensive to buy.

However, since the farmer sells their rice based on weight, if the rice is too dry they could lose money. This can be devastating to small farms, who, if they cannot afford to replant the following year, will not be able to provide for themselves or produce the much needed crops for those who rely on rice as part of their daily food intake.

With so much of the world relying on the low cost and high nutrition of rice as a main source of their food, any rise in price as a result of improperly dried rice is catastrophic for the developing world. The use of a Riceter ensures that rice is harvested at the correct time and kept at a reasonable, but still profitable price, optimizing the cost of the crop for both the farmer and the consumer.

Reliable, Portable, & Easy to Use

One of the reasons the use of the Riceter is so widespread is that it weighs less than a half pound, comes with a hard case for travel and a soft case to attach to a pants belt in the field, and is powered by 4 AA batteries.  It’s overwhelmingly reliable and accurate, making it easy to take into the field for quick readings that you can depend on, without being a hassle to carry or power. The Riceter can be used anywhere, from the most arid of deserts to the boggiest jungles; staying dependable no matter the conditions.

Some moisture meters and grain testers can be heavy and bulky, making them inopportune for the needs of rice farmers and processors. The Riceter has been designed for ease of use, so that it is actually used frequently, ensuring that rice is harvested at the correct time, keeping costs low and providing an inexpensive, nutritious food source for so many.

In short, the ease of the Riceter, along with its benefits for both farmers and consumers is what has made it so successful for so long. By helping farmers stay profitable, and keeping costs low for the majority of the world, who depend on the availability of rice for sustenance, this one little machine has kept people fed and farms in motion for generations.

Want more information on how the Riceter can impact your corner of the world? Contact us today. We are passionate about our first, most impactful tool, and are happy to answer your questions and show you how the Riceter can make a difference for you, too.

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