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A Moisture Meter Comparison: Loss on Drying versus Near Infrared Meters

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Apr 9, 2019

Selecting the right moisture meter for your needs can be a tricky task. Exactly what kind of moisture meter is right for you? Do you need something portable? An in-line moisture meter? Will it have multiple uses, and therefore multiple necessary calibrations? How much time do you have allotted for a moisture reading?

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Moisture Content vs Water Activity: Use Both to Optimize Food Safety and Quality

Posted by John Bogart on Thu, Apr 26, 2018

When it comes to food safety and quality, there are two critical measurements that all food manufacturers should take: moisture content and water activity. While these measurements might sound similar, they are NOT the same—nor are they interchangeable.

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3 Considerations When Designing Packaging for Fresh Produce

Posted by John Bogart on Mon, Oct 12, 2015

When it comes to designing packaging for fresh produce, the #1 goal of the packaging should be to maximize the freshness and longevity of the product. After all, no one wants to buy “fresh” produce that isn’t fresh anymore, right?

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The Importance of Controlling Moisture in Today’s “Better-For-You” Low-Fat and Low-Sugar Products

Posted by John Bogart on Fri, Apr 24, 2015

The consumer push for healthier versions of our favorite foods today is forcing manufacturers to replace ingredients like fat – without compromising the flavor or texture we love. Often, though, replacements negatively affect taste and texture due in part to the way these replacements interact with, and affect moisture in the product. One way to help ensure that “better-for-you” foods provide the experience consumers are looking for is to measure and optimize moisture content.

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8 Potential Risks of Inaccurate Moisture Measurement

Posted by John Bogart on Wed, Apr 15, 2015
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Moisture Meter Best Practices

Posted by John Bogart on Wed, Mar 18, 2015

The importance of moisture measurement is well-known; it’s a step in the manufacturing process that helps ensure product quality and performance, and can help reduce costs of shipping and handling. We’ve recently talked a lot about the different methods of measuring, most recently when used for wood products. In this post we’ll continue using wood products as our example to talk about the two most common secondary types of wood moisture meters: pin-style and pinless, and the best practices that help optimize the usefulness of these meters.

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8 Key Elements of A Moisture Measurement Protocol

Posted by John Bogart on Fri, Feb 20, 2015

Accurately and consistently measuring moisture – in most any type of product, from plastics to potato chips – has the potential to save organizations millions of dollars a year in improved productivity, reduced waste, increased consistency and improved quality. Measuring, in and of itself, however, is of little value if the companies doing it fail to put protocols in place to ensure that the testing is done correctly and that the results are accurate, consistent, and reliable. Whether you’re in the process of establishing protocols for the first time or looking to improve those already in place, we’ve outlined the most important considerations that should be part of any practical moisture measurement protocol.

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How To Accurately Measure Moisture, And Avoid Curling In Packaging

Posted by John Bogart on Wed, Oct 1, 2014

Curling in packaging can be a big problem.  The question of how to prevent curling in package labels is difficult but there are several options if you are facing this issue.

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How To Determine If The Electrical Moisture Method Is Right For Your Needs

Posted by John Bogart on Thu, Jul 17, 2014

Accurate measurement of moisture content can mean higher profits for businesses.  We know this.  You know this.

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Get The Right Measurement Instrument To Improve Your Profits At IFT 2014

Posted by John Bogart on Wed, Jun 18, 2014

I’m looking forward to meeting with QA, QC, product development and R&D specialists from some of the world’s most profitable organizations at IFT2014 later this month. As they get ready to learn about the latest in product, ingredient and technology improvements, and how these latest developments will impact their business, I’m getting prepared to wow them with how our innovations in measurement instrumentation will help them realize their quality, product introductions, and profit goals.

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