Cost and ROI Worksheet

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Learn how operating a Kett KJT Instant Analyzer compares to your current moisture meter method and see how much it's costing you to NOT own a Kett instrument.

Our History

Over 65 years of Instrument Design means we know what it takes for an instrument to work - in all environments and with numerous users.

We started in 1946 with a vision to provide lab quality measurements in a battery powered portable... many are still working today!

Our Warranty

We provide a guarantee to meet specifications right in the warranty.  In addition, we guarantee repair time and offer free loaners in the rare event we can't meet this promise - again, we want you to always be able to depend on us and our instruments.

Our Guarantee

No-Risk Total Care Packages.
In many cases we will provide a written performance guarantee - if we don't meet your expectations, you don't pay.