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Kett Introduces A New Single Grain Moisture Meter, The PQ5205

Posted by John Bogart on Wed, Apr 30, 2014 @ 08:04 AM
PQ5205 Single Kernel Moisture MeterThis new device quickly measures the moisture within each grain of rice, barley and wheat, allowing users to determine the moisture content of individual seeds within a sample.

Kett, the world’s leading manufacturer of award-winning portable handheld moisture analyzers and coating thickness analysis instrumentation, announced today the introduction of the PQ5205, a new analyzer that provides rapid moisture measurement of rice, barley and wheat. The PQ5205 is the latest in instrument innovation from Kett, a leader in rice, grain and seed measurement for more than 65 years. The PQ5205 is designed for use in laboratory, near-line process and remote QA/QC applications where quick, accurate determination of moisture content is required.

The PQ5205 will be on display at the 2014 International Powder and Bulk Solids Exhibition (PTXI) May 6 to 8 in Rosemont Illinois, at Booth 2710.

This simple-to-use device allows users to measure the moisture content of individual seeds within a sample. Tests are completed without sample preparation. The PQ5205 is factory-calibrated for wheat, brown, polished and paddy rice, as well as naked and standard barley. To measure a sample, the user selects the calibration, pours a sample into the large hopper and presses the “Measure” button. Each kernel is individually tested and the value displayed on the large LCD screen. When complete, the number of kernels tested, the average moisture, and a histogram detailing the distribution of moisture values is displayed. The PQ5205 is capable of measuring from 10 to 1,000 kernels in each batch and can measure 150 kernels per minute.

Kett’s PQ5205 builds on the success of its PQ500, the PQ510, and the PQ520 Single Grain Moisture Testers. These instruments are generally considered the worldwide standard for the measurement for single grain seed moisture.  The PQ5205 has an enhanced calibration set over the standard PQ520.  In addition, the PQ5205 is calibrated against the ISO-712 drying specifications vs. the JPN-105 specifications used for the PQ520.  This calibration list is located at: PQ5205 Moisture Meter Calibrations.

Kett continues to stand behind the PQ5205 with a unique one-year “Total Care” manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor and specification compliance.

For a complete brochure on this exciting new addition to the Kett Product Line please download the brochure at: PQ5205 Kett Single Grain Moisture Meter

The American headquarters for Kett is in Anaheim, California. For additional information, contact Kett at 800-438-5388 (US/CAN), 1-714-974-8837 (international) or

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