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Discover How Kett’s New Portable Rice Huskers Improve Husking Process

Posted by John Bogart on Thu, Dec 19, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

Villa Park, California – December, 19 2013. Kett's leading innovations continue with the launch of their two new portable rice huskers. These new instruments provide rapid, precise husking of paddy rice kernels, creating brown rice for use in moisture meters and for research grade analysis of rice characteristics.

Kett, the world’s leading manufacturer of award-winning portable handheld moisture meters and rice testing instrumentation, announced today the introduction of the TR130 and TR250 portable Rice Huskers.  These small devices provide rapid removal of the rice husk from paddy rice to create brown rice. Husking allows the user to obtain accurate moisture measurements and other evaluations on the brown rice.  It also allows the rice to be "polished" to create white rice. 

Most huskers are large process systems requiring a substantial quantity of rice as well as space to pre-process the rice.  The TR130 and TR250 allow the user to husk small samples of rice.   This is important for both field use and where the quantity of rice available (rice research as an example) is limited.  The TR130 and TR250 are the latest in instrument innovations from Kett, a leader in moisture meters, organic composition meters, rice, grain and seed measurement for more than 65 years. The TR130 and TR250 are for use in field, laboratory, and near-line process control applications where quick, accurate evaluations are required.

The TR130 is hand powered while the TR250 uses AC power (100-240V).  Tests are completed without sample preparation. These instruments are updates to the TR120 and TR200, recognized as standards in the rice industry.  New features include an improved motor and sample cell in the TR250 and dual disposal trays in the TR130.  The TR250 will provide even faster, more even husking than the TR200 while the improvements on the TR130 make it more efficient to get clean brown rice samples from the paddy rice 

Kett continues to stand behind the TR130 and TR250 Rice Huskers with a one-year “Total Care” manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor and specification compliance

To learn more, download the complete brochures on these exciting new additions to the Kett product line here:

Kett Rice Husker Automatic TR250 TR250 Automatic Rice Husker  
 Kett Rice Husker Portable TR130  TR130 Portable Rice Husker 

About Kett

Kett is considered the worldwide leader in rice quality instrumentation.  In addition, Kett is recognized as a worldwide leader in measurement instruments, and is the only manufacturer making more than 100 instruments for moisture meters, composition measurement and grain processing measurement. Models are available for handheld, desktop and inline/online continuous measurement applications. 

The American headquarters for Kett is in Anaheim, California. For additional information, contact Kett at 800-GET-KETT (800-438-5388) or 1-714-974-8837.

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