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Grain & Seed Moisture Meter Launch to Impress at IBIE 2013

Posted by John Bogart on Tue, Sep 24, 2013 @ 00:09 AM

ANAHEIM, California- Sep. 23, 2013 – Kett, instrument manufacturer and global leader in test equipment for the food manufacturing industry, today announced their decision to join over 20,0000 baking professionals at the International Baking Industry Expo, or the Baking Expo™, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 6 - 9. Two hand held moisture testers specifically designed for grain and/or seed measurement, the PM650 and PM450, will be on display for the first time ever at the Kett booth, 5508.

Bakers, grain suppliers, process specialists and others from the grain-based market will  converge for “North America’s largest, most comprehensive trade event of the year,” according to the Baking Expo™’s website. The Baking Expo™ purports to “bring it all together, connecting a record number of industry buyers and sellers with the technology, resources and opportunities they need to maximize their success.”

The decision to launch additional products at their first Baking Expo™ coincides with Kett’s reputation as a technological leader. The PM650 and PM450 moisture meters offer more calibrations than their predecessors for a huge array of grain and seed types, improved balance for greater reading stability and density, a crucial metric for many transactions. Booth 5508 engineers will also be offering custom calibrations for customers in need of calibrations for unique grains.

In addition to showcasing new designs, John Bogart, Kett Managing Director, explained  “We’re there to explore a new market.” He went on to detail Kett’s extensive history selling to both baking companies and their grain suppliers over their 65 years in business, noting “the Expo was a natural choice to learn how best to partner and assist with improving or enhancing their measurement and control capabilities.”

Known for manufacturing and distributing some of the grain and food processing industry’s standard measurement tools, including moisture analyzers, composition analyzers and those mentioned previously, Kett will be seeking out flour, grain and large processing company manufacturers to show off some of their most popular products.

Bogart suspects his booth will be also be frequented by convention goers interested in checking out Kett’s “coolest” moisture meter, the handheld KJT130, which he says, “never fails to impress anyone who sees it in action for its ease of use and immediate results.” In addition, Kett will be demonstrating a composition analyzer, popular amongst food quality control specialists and R&D professionals for it’s ability to provide moisture, protein and oil data in one test. Other instruments on display include the C130 Powder Whiteness Tester, whose predecessor, the C100, is the standard instrument of the International Starch Institute (ISI), and the C600 Grain Whiteness Meter, replacing the C300, used for years by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

Kett will  also be supplying convention goers with engineers to answer questions on how to optimize their mixing process, baking line, product quality or consistency. Expecting a large turnout, Kett’s scheduling meetings well in advance to make the most of their time at the show.

Kett offers the industry’s widest selection of moisture meters, organic composition analyzers, and grain and seed measurement instruments. Manufacturing and supplying instruments for over 65 years, Kett currently offers over 200 different models of test instruments. Moisture meters range from handheld to desktop and inline/online continuous measurement models. In addition to specializing in moisture meters and powder whiteness analyzers, Kett also offers test equipment to address coating thickness measurement, friction, wear, peel, adhesion and other applications. Sought out for providing the global standard in instrument excellence Kett has built its reputation on industry expertise and exemplary customer service.  

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