How a Composition Analyzer Provides the Pharmaceutical Industry Precision and Security

Posted by Kett Marketing on Thu, Apr 25, 2019


Few industries require as much care for precision and security as the pharmaceutical industry. Every part of production, and each singular end result must be made with the utmost accuracy and attention to each minute detail. How can you trust that each product— every tablet or capsule— is safe to use and will work as intended? By using a composition analyzer.

Kett’s composition analyzers have reached widespread use throughout the pharmaceutical industry thanks to their reliability to provide fast, consistent, and accurate results, ensuring that consumers receive a final product they know to be be both safe and reliable.  In fact, one of Kett's units was the first NIR instrument to measure "release spec" products.  Before that time, every "release spec" was done with primary methods of measurement.

With multiple models of near-infrared (NIR) composition analyzers available, there is a tool for every step of the process. From production to storage to distribution, only the highest quality products reach patients.  Kett manufactures handheld portable, desktop, online and inline process analyzers for solids, liquids and gas measurements.

Accuracy Above All Else

There is nothing quite so important in the pharmaceutical industry as accuracy as the measurement requirement becomes more and more precise. Too much or too little of a substance can affect the potency, the effectiveness, and the overall safety of a drug. 

Because of this, constant testing is needed to ensure precision, to keep consumers safe, and to give pharmaceutical companies the security of knowing their products are continuously monitored for correct composition.

Many of Kett’s composition analyzers are able to provide data in real time, so that results are immediately available, without having to stop to run tests; information is ready for you whenever you need it.

Testing to Meet Health and Safety Regulations

Pharmaceuticals are required to meet certain health and safety regulations when it comes to toxicity and sterility. One additional precaution when it comes to checking samples is using a composition analyzer to test samples to ensure they continue to meet these standards. Testing with a composition analyzer provides additional security to trust the sample is safe and viable for consumer use.

With a Kett composition analyzer, this testing can be performed anywhere within the process, from in-line analysis to testing the final product just before it is distributed to the consumer.

Monitoring for Changes

It’s not a simple process to get a drug from a manufacturer to the consumer. Pharmaceuticals are developed and transported, and then are stored for an indeterminate amount of time. At any stage, pharmaceuticals may develop impurities that make them unsafe for use, and so they must be tested for impurities and changes in potency at each step to ensure they continue to be safe for consumers.

While pharmaceutical science is an increasingly exact industry, and the shelf-life of many products is closely monitored, impurities in a drug can have disastrous effects, which is why consistent use of a instant composition analyzer can not only detect issues in potency and impurities in quality, it has the potential to save lives.

Multiple Results with a Single Test

Another way that a composition analyzer is a time-saving and life-saving tool used across the entirety of the pharmaceutical industry? It doesn’t require multiple tools or tests for precise, accurate results.

With one quick, nondestructive test, Kett’s composition analyzer provides a simultaneous analysis of the entire composition of the sample. Multiple organic components are measured within a single, 6-second test. Many models can even provide this information in real time, without waiting.  In addition to speed, these units don't alter the product.  This means that the same sample can be used for additional assays without worrying that the sample used on the NIR unit is somehow different than samples used on those additional tests.

This means that when the sample’s compositional accuracy is being tested anywhere within the production process, from manufacturing to distributing, a composition analyzer is able to provide fast information for verification or validation in little to no time at all. In the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy and speed are everything.   

Available Models

Kett has made several models of composition analyzers available, so that no matter what step in the process from creation to distribution, each product can be carefully and quickly tested for safety and accuracy. The BSS1700HO has the ability to be used in the R&D area and then moved directly to the process line.  Models like the BS-R1700 and BS-F1700 are capable of providing you with composition data in real time, and can read raw materials, capsules, tablets, and more.

There’s a composition analyzer for every need, so you can find one that matches your exact specifications, providing you with the precision and security you need.

Have more questions about which composition analyzer can provide you with the most accuracy for your needs? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Kett today!

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