Can a Moisture Meter Save You Money on the Construction Site?

Posted by Kett Marketing on Tue, Oct 2, 2018

greyson-joralemon-482879-unsplashWhether it’s the restoration of an old house or brand new construction, moisture poses a threat at every step. Not only is excess moisture in your building materials a headache, but it can actually be quite costly for you, particularly if materials need to be replaced or repairs need to be made.

Moisture can also cause delays in your process if you are waiting for concrete to cure and dry, or for wood to properly acclimate. In each of these instances, the use of a moisture meter can save you major time and money, so you can get things right the first time and move on to your next job.

Concrete Subflooring

If you are building on a slab, you know the importance of a concrete subfloor that is fully dried and accurately prepared for use. Knowing how the concrete will act when the concrete is coated, flooring is installed, or the slab is prepared for final use, is key to success.

Excess moisture can lead to costly issues that will arise down the road, and waiting longer than necessary also costs you money as well, while you waste extra time, when you could move on with your project instead.

To ensure that you don’t move on too early or too late, wasting money and time in the process, we recommend using a concrete moisture meter. This will prevent issues when you move onto the next step, like when glue is applied and carpet is laid down.

Too much moisture can cause problems, but a moisture meter gives you the luxury of time; you won’t have to wait extra days in order to be absolutely sure the concrete is dry and cured. You can start with the next step in your process right away.

Integrity of Hygroscopic Materials

Material like wood, which in construction is used for everything from framing to flooring to roofing, changes in moisture content. It’s hygroscopic, which means it takes on or bleeds moisture to reach a balance with the moisture its environment. This is how trees get the water they need from their roots to the top of the canopy, which is helpful as a tree, but can be harmful when harvested and used for construction.

As wood absorbs moisture, it can expand, warp, and lose its durability, which can be an issue for a builder. If wood has been improperly dried, or becomes too moist, it can cause issues. So much of building is based on precision. If a piece of wood has expanded to allow for new moisture, it can affect measurements and the way wood joins together, causing you to have to go back and make adjustments, probably using new lumber as you go. This will cost you in time and wasted lumber, forcing you to spend more. Having a moisture meter on hand removes the guesswork, and allows you to only use wood that is dry and safe.

Another issue with wood that contains too much moisture? If you are laying flooring, moist wood can warp. Imagine laying a beautiful new hardwood floor, only to discover after some time that the wood was too wet, and has warped and needs to be replaced, or that is was not properly acclimated. This is an expensive and time consuming mistake that could have been avoided with the use of a reliable, professional-grade wood moisture meter.

Water content can also have an effect on drywall, which when exposed to too much moisture can expand, crumble, or lose its strength. Testing drywall with a moisture meter before installation protects from these unsightly, and expensive issues.

Keep Mold and Moisture Away

In most construction projects, there is a risk of moisture being built into the project, whether it be from the ground or concrete slab below the build, from products that have been exposed to too much moisture, to a leak in an installed pipe, to a crack in the structure’s exterior that lets in water and humidity. Left alone, this can cause mold growth and loss of structural integrity.

Using a moisture meter early in the process can help prevent this damaging and dangerous issue from happening, which can also be costly for you.

Using a moisture meter from start to finish means that you are ensuring an exemplary finished product in a timely manner. Not only does that save you money and time, but it removes the guesswork and provides you with an additional sense of security in knowing your project is sturdy and sound.

Let us help you find the perfect moisture meter for your needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep your construction project dry and save you major money along the way.

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