Kett C130 Advanced Powder Whiteness Tester - Product Brochure

This new device quickly measures the whiteness of powder samples.  This measurement is useful for evaluating the purity of a product and the color consistency.

8 Key Reasons you'll want to learn more about Kett's C130

  1. Kett's New C130 Advanced Instant Powder Whiteness TesterSimple to use - select the calibration, place your sample cell into the instrument.  No need to even push a measure button.  The sample is automatically measured.
  2. Real time results  -  measure the whiteness or purity of a powder sample in seconds.
  3. Saves time - tests are completed without sample preparation.
  4. Saves Money - the new light sources in the C130 offer over 10 times the life of the C100 lamps and have a 59% reduction in sample size.
  5. Easy set up  - the C130 includes a factory calibration for immediate measurement.  This is consistent with the C100 measurment standards.
  6. Versatile - Nine additional calibration channels are available for customer applications.  This allows you to calibrate the C130 to local standards and custom applications. The C130 requires only 52% of the footprint of the C100.
  7. Practical - The sample is not altered in any way so additional tests can be conducted on the same sample.
  8. Detailed - when complete, value is shown on the large LCD.  Samples may be averaged and the data output to the optional printer or PC data collection software.

Kett’s C130 builds on the success of or C100 Powder Whiteness Tester. This instruments is generally considered the worldwide standard for the measurement for whiteness and purity in many powder products.  The C130 is available for immediate orders.  The C100 has been discontinued with the introduction of the C130. 

Kett continues to stand behind the C130 with a one-year “Total Care” manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor and specification compliance.