How To Have A Very Kett Christmas: 4 Lessons From Santa (Incl Gifting the Perfect Moisture Meter)

Posted by John Bogart on Mon, Dec 23, 2013

kett christmasDid you know that Kett’s customers and Santa Claus have a lot in common?

Consider this, Santa runs the biggest manufacturing plant on the planet, 365 days a year. And while his customer base may not offer the highest economic returns, his sole aim is to make them happy by providing the quality products that exceed their expectations. Sound familiar? Read on to discover the five things you may have in common with Chris Kringle, CEO.


1. Santa relies on accurate, carefully executed measurements to run every aspect of his operation.

Yes, he did order a few powder whiteness meters and moisture testers from us to ensure the snow around the North Pole is just right for take off. We tried to explain to him that powder whiteness testers weren’t quite made for snow (a surprisingly common assumption), but he assured us he could find a use for them with his snow globes. He has reported that our handheld moisture meters, like the portable KJT130 Near Infrared Moisture Meter, have been a hit with the elves around the workshop. The elves can now measure everything from the toy’s coating to the plastic they’re wrapped in with a single instrument. He was so pleased, he even ordered some wood moisture meters and paper moisture meters to help with toy construction and packaging this December.


2. Santa appreciates the value of quality grain.

While rarely portrayed as such, Santa is a small time farmer. His experience with Donner, Vixen, Comet and the rest of his reindeer has taught him to value the quality of the feed his animals are receiving. He’s utilizing our PM650 Advanced Portable Seed Moisture and Grain Moisture Meter to check incoming grain shipments. Getting hooved animals to fly is no easy task, requiring a huge assortment of grains. The elves responsible for mixing the special feed are especially grateful for the PM650’s 150 different built-in calibrations that make this task a little simpler.

His workshop has ordered several of our newest PM650 Grain Moisture Testers to put in farmer’s stockings worldwide. He knows that even his favorite cookies all start with quality tested grain!


3. Santa understands the need to distribute globally.

Just as no snow, tsunami, flood or storm will keep our customers home, Santa works hard to build relationships around the world. Our customers are distributing from sometimes a single field or warehouses, and yet fly around the globe regularly to connect with one another. As we pointed out in our Thanksgiving blog, a few of our customers even braved the typhoon in the Philippines this year to make it to a rice convention. While we still don’t have a regular distributor north of the Arctic Circle, we at Kett also make it a priority to make our products available to customers around the globe.


4. Santa gets generosity. 

Of course, St. Nick’s giving nature is what has made him the hero of children’s hearts. While our customers are concerned with watching the bottom line to make their operations successful, we’ve witnessed their incredible generosity toward their own markets, and even one another over the years. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, portable moisture meters, and rice huskers are great stocking stuffers for just about anyone in the manufacturing, industrial or agricultural industries. You can even give a larger desktop composition analyzer, moisture meter for less than the cost of a new car, and they fit under the tree! Know a non-profit you’d like to donate to this year? Purchase a Riceter for a low-income farmer.

While you may not be judging whether your customers are naughty-or-nice… and we hope you’re not watching them while they sleep, we hope you’ve learned a little from the master of successful operations, Santa himself.

If you’d like to buy a Kett moisture meter for your favorite operator, you can contact us here. In the meantime,

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