New PR920 Instant Rice Flour Moisture Meter Perfect For Cold Weather

Posted by John Bogart on Wed, Dec 18, 2013

cold thermastatThis year has been one of freak global weather, and this winter is no exception. Frigid temperatures have spanned the United States, freezing fingers and toes as well as roads, flights and soil across the country. It’s hard not to feel a chill just thinking about it- brrrrr!!!

In addition to your thermostat, the cold weather could also be having an effect on your product stores. As temperatures drop, humidity falls. Cold air holds less moisture than the warm atmosphere of summer, and heating cold air only yields warm dry air. Thus, the sudden drop in outdoor temperature, may be having a serious effect on your indoor stores of flour, grains and other moisture variable products. While freezing conditions leads to optimal dry powder on the slopes, your powdered products could be losing bulk, and quality, over the winter months. 

A moisture decrease may be desirable when it comes to eliminating mold and mites in rice powder, or when looking for the perfect ski run, but over-drying can have serious ramifications on your product stores. Less-than-ideal powder moisture can affect the quality of your mixes, final products and transactions. Getting the right moisture meter is a simple change that can have a domino effect on your entire production line, which is why we’re thrilled to be introducing our PR920 Rice Flour Moisture Meter this week. 

The PR920 is our only portable rice flour and powder product moisture meter. A simple-to-use test instrument, the PR920 offers instant, non-destructive moisture content measurement wherever powder testing is required. We’ve condensed years of grain moisture measurement success into our latest moisture meter, which includes a factory calibration for milled (white) rice for our customers who need both brown and white rice measured with a single instrument. Our other factory calibrations cover rice flour, long-grain milled rice and short-grain milled rice. 

Having attended the International Baking Expo this fall, we’re offering our latest moisture meter to meet bakers and food manufacturers’ growing demand for gluten-free goods. Rice flour, sweet, readily available and nutritionally valuable, is an ideal replacement to wheat flour in bread, confections and noodles. Without a way to standardize and qualify this ingredient, many food manufacturers are failing to utilize it to its full potential. 



As with all Kett instruments, the PR920 Rice Flour Moisture Meter is designed to learn and use within five minutes. Testing a sample requires only three simple steps:

  1. Fill sample tray
  2. Place into PR920 Rice Flour Moisture Meter
  3. Twist the handle

Moisture content is instantly displayed!

Our updated line of instruments utilizes large buttons and icons, audible alarms and confirming sounds to make operation straightforward and accurate, no matter the environment. 



Our Riceter is the world’s most popular moisture tester, so we’ve used the same resistance technology in the PR920 Rice Flour Moisture Meter. A DC current of the sample is compared with the water content and an integrated thermistor automatically compensates for the temperature. When it comes to accurate, stable results, there is no comparison to loss-on-drying methodology. 



As with nearly all of our portable instruments, the PR920 Rice Flour Moisture Meter is battery powered. Our engineers were thinking of you; in the field, at auctions, while receiving inspections, on top of trucks and rail cars or making the rounds at your storage containers, when they designed the PR920 Rice Flour Moisture Meter. Easily held in one hand, weighing less than 1 lb (0.5 kg) and including a backlit LCD, the PR920 can be used by just about anyone, just about anywhere, anytime, including in the dark! Truly, there is nothing quite this versatile, unique and effective on the market today.  

The only thing our PR920 Rice Flour Moisture Meter might be lacking is a hand warmer… we’ll have to speak to our engineers about that. 

Download PR920 Rice Flour Moisture Meter Product Brochure here


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