NIR Moisture Meters: Desktop v’s Handheld - Which One Is Right For You?

Posted by John Bogart on Wed, Jul 17, 2013

Last week we discussed some of the highlights of our handheld NIR moisture meter, the KJT130. It’s portability makes it a favorite among field specialists and manufacturers who need instant results in the midst of their processing lines. However, for those in a laboratory setting seeking high level quality assurance/quality control measurements we’d like to introduce the KJT230 Advanced Desktop Moisture Analyzer, it’s the high caliber, one touch instrument from our NIR moisture meter family.

nir moisture meter 130 KJT270g601 

Like it’s kid brother, the KJT130, the KJT230 utilizes a method called near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS). NIRS is prized among process control specialists for its versatility among materials.  This instrument will instantly measure moisture in liquids, solids, powders, gels and grains. Like the KJT130, the KJT230 is simple to operate, provides instant readings, and requires no contact or destruction of the sample material. In cases where a final batch needs analysis before going to market, these test instruments can even measure material right through plastic packaging.

Both use the NIR methodology, which relies on characterizing a material via reading the absorption in the 4000 - 12500 cm-1 range, corresponding to vibrational overtones. The bands present in NIR refer to O-H, C-H and N-H bonds, making it a perfect tool for measuring moisture and analyzing organic material composition. Weak bands produced by a high number of these sorts of bonds are what allows NIR to test unaltered samples, a great advantage when seeking quick results. In fact, determining lipids (fat), water, protein and carbohydrates in a sample can be accomplished with a just single run. Our KJT270 NIR Composition Analyzer will simultaneously measure all of these components.

Weak bands yield a relatively low sensitivity, thus NIRS is not ideal for establishing the identity of unknowns. Instead, NIRS requires calibration with a set of known samples to establish a standard baseline against which all subsequent samples are measured against. Our team of experts will assist you in calibrating the instrument.

As with our entire range of NIR moisture analyzers, the KJT230 employs a “smart sensor” design, integrating calibration memory storage, measurement display and data output for fully transferable calibrations. Like the portable version the KJT230 can be connected to the Tracker software (included) to provide simple calibration and measurement data capture.  In addition, once calibrated, it can be operated stand-alone for simple operation near process lines or in unique locations where a PC or laptop would not be welcome.  Once a single system is tuned, and the data is transferred to individual sensors, you can ship fully calibrated and certified sensors worldwide. As an additional perk, we’ve included password protection to prevent unauthorized calibration of individual machines.  The calibration software allows you to add additional products later so your investment is protected against obsolescence.

While the KJT230 is a bit heftier than it’s smaller counterpart, with approximately the footprint of a coffeemaker, it is still adaptable enough to be easily be incorporated into laboratory and process control points throughout your manufacturing plant. The added bulk means multiple filters, or additional stability, ten times greater precision (to .001%) and even more robust calibrations, as compared to our portable version.

Regardless of which moisture meter you select to meet the needs of your specific product testing, our line of NIR spectrometers will help to improve your product’s quality, profits and ability to hit market standards and government specifications.

Please give us a call today to discuss your process manufacturing needs with one of our product specialists. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll connect you with someone who does!

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