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Moisture Analyzers: KJT 130

kett moisture analyzer KJT130The user simply points the instrument at the product and the moisture content is instantly shown on the large digital display - without contact and without any type of sample alteration. Can be used with liquids, pastes and solids and can test both stationary and moving (process line) products. 

Moisture measurement data may be stored in the instrument, downloaded continuously, or simply manually recorded. Smart sensor design provides for use without need for any PC or controller interface. Minimal maintenance ensures years of life - even in very stressful process or field environments. 


Paper Moisture Meter

kett paper moisture meter HK300Calibrations are available for cardboard, Kraft and other heavy paper stock. Custom product calibrations are available. 

Simply select the product, place the sample into our under the instrument and the HK will display the moisture value in seconds. Three unique interchangeable test fixtures are available to handle a wide array of paper moisture applications. 







Portable Handheld Friction Tester


H37 portable hand held friction analyzerThis instrument is unique in that it provides a coefficient of friction measurement in any angle... even upside down. The portable H37 3D runs on two AA batteries or, if used in a laboratory, or near a production line, can use the optional AC adapter.

Simply place the instrument on the sample, press the Measure button and the coefficient of friction is accurately measured and displayed in less than 5 seconds.







Handheld Tribometer

kett tribometer friction analyzer H94This simple, yet accurate instrument will automatically measure and calculate the coefficient of static friction. Results are displayed on the integrated LED.

Multiple tests can be automatically averaged. Runs on batteries and includes a protective hard case. Special fixtures allow liquid samples, and special test requirements to be addressed with one system.






Coating Thickness Gauge 

coating thickness gauge kett lz990The 990 series provides instant, accurate coating thickness measurements in a single, compact integrated package. Ergonomically designed to fit the hand, the 990 will measure ferrous, non-ferrous and dual-mode applications.